March 25, 2020
March 25, 2020
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Automatic closure printing machine WT-3025

It is specially designed for customers who need bottle cap printing with high-speed, easy plate making, lower cost, and simple operation.
Machine design is based on the principle of dry offset printing, equipped with unique magnetic rollers, two sets of dual-color offset printing units
and one set of vanishing unit, it can achieve image on image printing with accurate registration.
Control by PLC with touch screen interface, it organizes a high efficiency production line. Equipped with automatic escalators,it can store a large volume of caps and feed the correct number of caps into the unscrambler.Maintain a sustainable number of caps in the unscramber.Automatic feeding system is composed of aluminum and stainless steel,monitoring the conditions of feeding tracks with sensors.It will stop feeding when it is full,or vice-versa.Flame treatment is a standard option.Aim to increase the adheres ion of the ink by this surface treatment.Two sets of two-color offset printing head equipped with magnetic print roller,it can achieve color on color printing.Each print head can be individually micro-adjusted various directions.The Special designed ink tray is simple and convenient for installation,disassembly and cleaning,also reduce ink loss in order to improve production efficiency.Using the original Fusion UV Lamp,it has automatic temperature control and extraction system.It can avoid the lamp over-heated and maximized the lamp efficiency.User-friendly touch screen display fully control the machine around the entire working area. Automatic unload the finished caps,with counting and displacing carton system, achieve fully automatic production to improve production efficiency.Remove any dust on the caps surfaces with static bars before printing,to ensure quality printing effect.With advanced anilox roller,the varnishing unit makes the cap surface having higher shining effect.

Printing Product Size(Dia.x Length) Ø28mm-Ø38mm
Maximum Printing Area Ø34mm
 Maximum Running Speed 1600pcs/min
UV Lamp Power 3kW/4kW each
Power Requirement 380V 3phase 50HZ , 220V 時
Compressed Air pressure Requirement 5-7 bar
Power Consumption 18kW
Machine Dimension (L x W x H) 5150mm x 1500mm x 1700mm
Weight 6000kg
Number of Color 2 Color + Lacquer或4 Color
Number  UV System 2
Production Line Dimension (L x W x H) 13100mm x 3200mm x 2600mm
Air Consumption 600L/min
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