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July 28, 2020
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Offset Printing Machinery


We Offer the Best Offset Printing Machinery

Wutung Engineering Co., Ltd was founded in 1979 to design and produce offset printing machinery along with screen printing machines. Wutung has grown to become the leader in screen printing, cap printing, and cup printing technology.

Offset Printing is an extensively used commercial printing method that produces high quality, consistent, and printed materials. As a generic rule, this method is the best for production runs of 1,000 or more pieces. The offset printing machinery is commonly used for gang or combo runs.

Offset printing equipment uses a sequence of rollers (also known as cylinders or drums) to deliver ink to the paper.

Driven by accurate engineering, Wutung is renowned for having extremely innovative engineers in the industry. Ready for every challenge, our engineering team works closely with every customer to design and manufacture custom solutions for their unique applications. We have heavily invested in R&D to uplift industry-leading technologies.

Offset Printing Machinery in China

Wutung machines are manufactured in Guangzhou City, China. The whole manufacturing process, from design and production to machining and assembly, carried under one roof. This ensures that all machinery meets the same standard of quality.

We are renowned in the offset printing industry as “the best choice” because of our capability to conquer every complex customers’ challenges. However, customers also know us as “the operator’s choice” for the seamless and user-friendly experience that comes along with operating our Bottle Printing machines.

Every machine is custom designed to match each customer’s specifications, requirements, and to provide reliable service for years. Wutung strictly adheres to ISO 9001 guidelines.

Offset printing is undoubtedly a fascinating yet commercially viable process. The process produces quite high-quality printing. We strive to help each of our buyers make their products look best and go to market quickly.

Let us know if you have questions about our offset printing machinery.

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