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Cosmetic Bottle Printing


Best Cosmetic Bottle Printing Machine

Wutung Engineering Co., Limited, is a leading cosmetic bottle printing machine manufacturer in China. Bottle screen printing machine is widely used in the industries of daily chemical bottle printing, plastic bottle printing, pharmaceutical, chemical, beverage, personalized water bottles business, cosmetic bottles manufacture, etc.

Wutung provides a plastic bottle printing machine, a glass bottle printing machine, a cup printing machine, a cap printing machine, and customized bottle screen printing machines. If you are searching for cosmetic printing manufacturers in China, Wutung is the safest choice for you.

Cosmetic bottle printing machine provides a multi-functional screen printing machine and is best to print on flat, oval, round-shaped products lipstick, drink bottles, oil-filter shell, and cosmetic bottles, scour bottles, etc. Cylindrical screen printers can print one color at a time. Once replacing ink and frame, they can print 2-3 colors.

Cosmetic Printing Manufacturers in China

There are numerous functions provided by cosmetic printing manufacturers. They provide auto four digital count brings with a high degree of automation—a program for Micro-computer control system that ensures stable printing with accuracy.

These machines give printing speed and printing stroke that could be adjusted, and the worktable can be oriented by transverse, vertical, or level. You can also get pneumatic self-balance scraper technology. Also, the back blade ensures even inking pressure and avoid ink wastage.

Cosmetic Bottle Printing Machine Manufacturers

Our cosmetic bottle printing machine gives precise axis control for up and down screening; accuracy up to 0.07mm. With unique electronic sensors, it achieves automatic monitoring operation such as “no object, no printing” and automated alarm when air pressure is lower than the standard.

Bottle screen printing device also provides a more flexible process for you. You have the option to adjust the speed of each component of this machine. The gear behind the mold can prepare printed objects back to the original place after printing that is suitable for multi-color printing.

This kind of Offset Printing machine achieves simple and quick tooling changeovers and accurate mechanical registration. All controls provided by cosmetic printing manufacturers are showed on the panel. Machine fixed motor registration with an optical sensor registration system can ensure the different needs of customers.

Wutung designs the machine that integrates the printing system into the packing and production line, then the printing restriction of special product design will be eliminated. We typically design a screen printing line for customized bottle packaging businesses. We can reach packing all of the specifications that our customers demand. We have various prices for different customized bottle screen printing line.

So, if you need a quality cosmetic bottle printing equipment, come to us.

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