How to Pick the Right Labeling Machine for Your Business

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August 12, 2021
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How to Pick the Right Labeling Machine for Your Business

printing machine

Since its invention, the labeling machine has made a huge impact on the business and personal lives of many. In the workplace, the machine allows you to label your personal and work-related belongings without any theft fear. Also, even in an unfortunate case, it is quite easier to find and return the item. Labeling or printing machines from any printing machine supplier allow people to point out important documents, insert reminders on different machines or even print shipping labels for packaging items.

However, a small duty labeling machine is not always perfect for large organizations since they have limited capabilities. These smaller machines are mostly designed for office jobs and small tasks. Thus, companies that need to print labels in large quantities prefer small duty labeling machines.

As per the saying, you always need to pick the right tool for the right job!

Labeling Machines for Large-scale Companies

Although shipping labels or memos on microwaves reminding employees to clean up are great; however, they are not ideal for large-scale corporations. Smaller machines certainly can come in handy around the office cubicles. However, large jobs need large machines.

Businesses needing to print a huge amount of labels quickly will benefit from larger labeling sources. For instance, a cosmetic bottle printing machine comes in handy for companies dealing in the beauty care industry. These machines can label massive quantities of products, such as bottles or cosmetics, efficiently and rapidly.

Talking about labeling machines, you have various options. However, bear in mind, you will have to buy a machine that runs with the dimensions of the items you want to be labeled. For instance, “flats” equipment is not a go-to option for round bottles or objects. Also, if you need both sides labeled, you have to pick up a printing machine that does that.

Types of Labeling Printing Machine

Semi-Auto –

For these printing machines, you will have to load the products one at a time to label them. After flipping a lever or switch, or a button press, the machine will label items and after erasing them. Then you can insert the next.

These printing machines contain a roll-on labeling system that works for rounds, flats, and ovals, depending upon the one you choose. Changeovers are simple and quick, so no worries about training courses to familiarize your staff with the system!

Automatic –

Automatic printing machines are almost like what you see on movies and television shows, where conveyor belts move objects to be bottled, labeled, or packaged. By this, you can efficiently and quickly label bulk quantities of products ranging in shape and size. Similar to the semi-automatic machine, you have to ensure you have selected the one that reflects the products you need to label.

Print and Apply –

As the name suggests, you need to program the machine accordingly. First, you have to load products and watch as it prints labels and applies them automatically to your items. One can even program it to package the labels around bottles, boxes, and other objects.

Applicators –

This is also a self-explanatory machine. Similar to the above-mentioned machines that feed the products through a conveyor belt, this machine works similarly. Normally, the label is already printed and is applied overhead as the product goes down the belt.

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