Bottle Label Printing VS Bottle Screen Printing

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Bottle Label Printing VS Bottle Screen Printing

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To get the attention of your target customers for your product, you need to stand out on your products. The printing machine manufacturers in China have provided a wide range of machines from which you can give an attractive look to your product and attract customers.

Choosing a suitable way to print your label and the design of the packaging is very important.

Whether it is a glass bottle or a plastic bottle, there are two ways.

  • Bottle screen printing and
  • Bottle label printing

These two ways are used and the best printing machines are provided by bottle printing machine manufacturers.

What printing option would you choose for your product? Read this blog and find the difference between the two types of printing and choose accordingly.

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Difference between Bottle Label Printing and Bottle Screen Printing:

Bottle Label Printing:

  • This puts a label on the paper first, then on the product.
  • It is designed without the limitations of the shape of your product.
  • With adhesive linking labels, bottle label printing is not long-lasting.
  • They are easier to produce.
  • It products the patterns faster.
  • It is flexible as it produces a label first and then puts it on products and ignores the limited shape.
  • Digital printing is used for product labels.
  • Printed colors are not thick, and they might not catch the attention of customers.
  • A label can easily be damaged as it is on paper.
  • Labels are not directly put to products, and integration is required with labels and products. That might cost more.

Bottle screen printing:

  • This can also be known as cylindrical screen printing or round screen printing.
  • Ink is directly applied to the surface of the bottle using a round bottle screen printing machine.
  • It doesn’t require paperwork, which makes the product smooth, unique, and recognizable.
  • It is durable.
  • It can get against poor weather, water, and VU light.
  • This printing method will help you avoid packaging damage because of squeezing.
  • Bottle screen printing is not used with digital printing.
  • Combining multiple colors will create a vibrant and adaptable design for your products.
  • They will have a branding and marketing impact.
  • The more printing is done using this, the less it will cost.
  • One screen can be used infinitely.
  • Once the screen is made, it is suitable for long-term decoration.
  • A small blunder can cause a large bill.
  • Bottle screen printing has the disadvantage of being inflexible.


Screen printing is undoubtedly a better option because of its lower cost, long-lasting qualities, and smooth, attractive appearance. It can grab the attention of customers and arouse their interest in purchasing your product.

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