Best Printing Machine Supplier in China

Wutung Engineering Co., Ltd. is among the leading printing machine manufacturers in China. We integrate production, design, and sale together and has a professional team. We specialize in screen printing machine series, pad printing machine, automatic closure printing machine, tubes co-extrusion machine, and other peripherals. Also, we can design and manufacture non-standard printing devices as per customer’s special requirements.
As a printing machine supplier, we provide different kinds of screen printing machines, technical, and all relevant consumables of screen printing. To be the best among top screen printing machine manufacturers, we provide suitable machines for printing on various flat materials surface items, including metal, glass, plastic, textile, paper, ceramic tile, aluminum, …etc.
We are a sought-after printing machine supplier as we can customize screen printing machine requirements and specifications according to clients’ special needs. One quality that separates us from other screen printing machine manufacturers is our hard work. We have the best hardworking and professional technical team. Our after-sale services are the best if you compare with all other printing machine manufacturers in china. We always strive to serve customers in the best possible manner for future retention.

Screen Printing Machine Manufacturers in China

Wutung adopts a micro-computer framework to control printing machines with electrical integration. It ensures secure to use and convenient function and can also substitute imported machines. Wutung, among other Chinese printing machine manufacturers, enjoys a high reputation in domestic as well as international markets. The reason for our rapport is advanced processing machines, strong technology, ideal inspecting solutions, accurate quality management systems, and robust after-sales service.
After 40 years’ development, we become the big printing machine supplier in Guangzhou. Due to fame and robust sales channel, ideal products and services, we have sold thousands of screen printing machines to America, Japan, Korea, and Southeast Asia. Now we have become one of the leading enterprises printing machine manufacturers in the region.
Systematic Automation is a screen printing manufacturer providing precision automated machines to numerous types of businesses of all sizes to perform various printing processes. As the world’s largest manufacturer of precision screen printing machines, Systematic Automation is committed to designing, engineering, and manufacturing industry-leading equipment. We offer a wide selection of screen printing machines, with standard and custom options, providing customer support for training, maintenance, and supplies.
Wutung fully understands the importance of buying the right equipment for your automated printing requirements. If you carry a screen printing process or are considering buying a printing project in-house, systemic automation can aid you in meeting your business objectives. For more than three decades, we have been a leader in the screen printing machine manufacturers industry. We are providing customers with expertise, innovation, and setting the standards for screen printing today.
In order to meet the market’s demands, we have improved the inner management and upgrade the organization’s image. In the environment of improved competition among aspiring printing machine manufacturers, we have obtained ISO9001:2008. That made our management standardized and institutionalized. It laid the foundation for further development.
So, if you need to pick one of the best printing machine manufacturers in China, come to us.

Welcome To Guangzhou Wutung Engineering Co., Ltd

Wutung Engineering Co., Ltd. was established in Hong Kong 1979 and dedicates itself to the development of printing industry, combining design, production, sales and service together. Wutung owns a manufacturing plant located in Guangzhou and two service centers in Dongguan and Shanghai. Wutung currently owns two major brands for different product lines, i.e. WUTUNG and SK. Its product range is a comprehensive collection of printing equipment, encompassing traditional pad printing, screen printing machines, automatic printing equipments, and automatic assembly production line.

A diverse collection of printing equipment

Wutung Engineering Co., Ltd. specialize in development and production of Cosmetic bottle printing, Offset printing machinery, Bottle printing machine, Cap printing machine, and pad printing equipments, providing one to six colors with optional sizes and pad printing consumables. Meanwhile Sun Kong Screen Printing Equipment Co., Ltd. specializes in design and manufacturing of automatic screen printing equipments and related accessories.

An emphasis on experience
and expertise

Over the years we strive for innovation and precision. Taking care of your business' needs.

The company offers product customization service, with the team adjusting and modifying the machines base on user's needs and requirement. These machines are specially design to suit various business' needs. We deeply believe the service quality is as important as the product quality. In addition, Wutung has established service

centers in different cities of China, such as Shanghai and Guangzhou for closer connection with clients. The professional service is also introduced to global markets through sales and service networks in U.S.A., Japan, Korea, South Africa, Malaysia, Indonesia and more, supporting our customized service without distance.


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With more than three decades of experience, we develop and manufacture different types of printing equipment for various types of industries. Equipped with ever-evolving technology and customers' needs, printing machines developed deliver quality output of high precision and efficiency on containers and articles, so that the products be introduced to the market in an appealing manner.

Low Cost

our relatively low raw material and tooling costs, together with high speed automated manufacturing processes result in very competitive unit costs.

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Know the exact composition of your material for quality assurance.

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Rapid response to all quotations and mails will be processed immediately.


Customer’s satisfaction. And zero defect, zero complaint as the quality objective.


We value quality in machines and effectiveness in manufacturing process like you, so we put incessant effort to refine the manufacturing system and create innovative patented ideas recognized by national and international standards.